I've always been inspired by the challenge of creating a great caricature likeness. I remember growing up as a young artist 'want-a-be' around the age of 8, thumbing through my dad's old yearbooks and drawing likenesses of his old friends. I would then proudly display my drawings to him for his best guess as to who they might be. To my amazement, he recognized almost every student I drew...It was then I first knew I could capture a likeness.

With over 20 years experience on the world market, I've specialized in caricatures and humorous illustration. I also enjoy creating humorous comps and storyboards for clients in need of funny boards.

I completed schooling at Mt. San Antonio Jr. College and the University of Cal Poly Pomona California, in general ed and commercial art.

Currently I am working an on-going job with Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazine. For the past 5 years I've been illustrating 2-3 illustrations per month for the on-going article "What's the Call?".

Dave Arkle
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