While in college and for 10 years there after I drew sit down black & white caricatures at private parties and events. I believe I have drawn at almost every kind of event imaginable. I have dawn caricatures from small school dances to very private parties at famous celebrity homes. I've drawn caricatures from Hawaii to Boston and on every occasion, I would always learn a tiny bit more about my craft.

The next step on my creative journey would be commercial humorous illustration. I would tackle the commercial market. What I wasn't aware of was how difficult this latest goal would turn out to be. I struggled for years, but always knew I would eventually make it. Back then, photo realism was very popular and I was quite skilled in the art of painting with oils in that style. I taught myself early on how to apply my talent in this direction with years of practice. While growing up in school I was always placed in an area by myself to just paint what ever came to mind. I thank all those teachers in Jr high , high school and college for allowing me to teach myself through trial and error.

Being self taught in the art of caricature is a long lesson in refining ones skills. To this day, I am still refining my style in this area, as well as in my commercial / cartoon illustration. Perfecting ones style is a life long, never ending endeavor. But as they say, It's the journey that counts the most.

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