As a kid growing up, I always loved to read MAD magazine. My heros were Jack Davis and Mort Drucker. They were both top commercial humorous illustrators that drew for that magazine for years. I loved to closely examine there wonderful artistic styles and wacky exaggerations.

Another strong influence of mine growing up was a TV illustrator named John Neagy. Once a week I would learn to draw outdoor scenes by watching his point by point commentary as we drew together on saturday mornings. If only Mr. Neagy knew how influential he was to this young artist.

I was also fortunate enough growing up to have been blessed with two very talented uncles on both sides of my family. My dads twin brother Bob was a top graduate of Chinards Art College, and was an amazing illustrator. On my mom's side, her brother Gene was a graduate of LA Art Center. He was a gifted painter/ photographer and taught me many valuable tips as a youngster. I would spend hours emulating their great work and was so fortunate to have had them in my life. They both were strong advocates in the school of teaching oneself, and both taught me that practice makes perfect.

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